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Many properties of cosmological objects are reported with the addition of the dimensionless Hubble parameter h. This template addresses only the inverse Hubble parameter h−1
(since h0.70 is more straightforward to wikicode). If no subscript is specified, then the reader may choose a value of h of their liking to modify whatever the reported measurement is. If a subscript is specified, then the property being reported has been modified by the value of that subscript. For example, 7×1013 h−1
M = 1014 h−1

Our best measurement, as of 2013, for the Hubble parameter is h = 0.6780 ±0.0077 from the Planck mission. In early 2011 it was 0.704+0.013
from WMAP 7-year data.[1] See Hubble's law#Observed values for the most recent value of H0.


Instead of writing ''h''<small>{{su|p=−1|b=0.6780|a=l}}</small>, one can simply do the following (a numerical subscript is now optional):

{{hub|0.6780}} gives h−1
{{hub|0.75}} gives h−1
{{hub|}} gives h−1
{{hub}} gives h−1


To include a link to Hubble's law#Dimensionless Hubble parameter, use the |link= parameter. It is optional and defaults to not-used, <blank>, or <null>. It is activated by "yes", or any text:

{{hub|0.7|link=yes}} gives h−1
{{hub|0.7|link=y}} gives h−1
{{hub|link=no}} gives h−1

इहो देखल जाय[संपादन]

  • {{±}} : specific form of {{su}} with hard-coded positive {{sup}} and negative {{sub}}: 1+0.2
  • {{e}} : (1.23×104)
  • {{su}} : general form of {{±}} for formatting exponents, or two-values incertainty one below the other (monospaced : currently not printable to PDF)
  • {{sub}} : subscript text
  • {{sup}} : superscript text
  • {{Val/units}} : for formatting unit names (contents of parameters u or up)
  • {{Val/unitswithlink}} : for formatting unit names with links (contents of parameters ul or upl)
  • Subscript and superscript


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