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टेम्पलेट बिबरनलेख[बनाईं]

Non-spaced units[संपादन करीं]

A non-spaced unit follows its numeric value without the usual space. To configure these, edit the dedicated template.




|percent|per cent|%=

|permil|per mil|permill|per mill|permille|per mille|‰ =

Unsorted units[संपादन करीं]

These can be for quick additions, sorted out later.




|C/mol = C/mol |C.mol-1 = C⋅mol−1

|C/kg = C/kg |C.kg-1 = C⋅kg−1

|F.m-1 = F⋅m−1 |F/m = F/m

|e = e

Time and frequency[संपादन करीं]

|byte= byte |byte/s=byte/s |bit/s= bit/s |bps= bit/s |kbit/s=kbit/s |Mbit/s=Mbit/s |Gbit/s=Gbit/s |Tbit/s=Tbit/s

|year= year |years=years |yr= yr |y= y

|Ga=Ga |Ma=Ma |ka=ka

|kyr=kyr |kya=kya |myr=myr |mya=mya |byr=byr |bya=bya |Gyr=Ga

|BP=BP |uBP=14C yr BP

|s-1=s−1 |s-2=s−2 |s2= s2

| s=s |as=as |cs=cs |das=das |ds=ds |Es=Es |fs=fs |Gs=Gs |hs=hs |ks=ks |ms=ms |µs=µs |mus=µs |Ms=Ms |ns=ns |ps=ps |Ps=Ps |Ts=Ts |Ys=Ys |ys=ys |Zs=Zs |zs=zs

| Hz=Hz |aHz=aHz |cHz=cHz |daHz=daHz |dHz=dHz |EHz=EHz |fHz=fHz |hHz=hHz |GHz=GHz |kHz=kHz |MHz=MHz |mHz=mHz |muHz=µHz |µHz=µHz |nHz=nHz |pHz=pHz |PHz=PHz |THz=THz |yHz=yHz |YHz=YHz |zHz=zHz |ZHz=ZHz

|BC=BC |AD=AD |BCE=BCE |CE=CE (Note: Placing "AD" before the year may also be preferred. See WP:ERA, and MOS:DIGITS.)

Length, area, volume[संपादन करीं]



|m-1=m−1 |m-2=m−2 |m-3=m−3

|km2=km2 |km3=km3

|m=m |meter=m |metre=m |am=am |cm=cm |dam=dam |dm=dm |Em=Em |fm=fm |Gm=Gm |hm=hm |km=km |Mm=Mm |mm=mm |mum=µm |µm=µm |nm=nm |Pm=Pm |pm=pm |Tm=Tm |Ym=Ym |ym=ym |Zm=Zm |zm=zm

|µm2=µm2 |am2=am2 |cm2=cm2 |dam2=dam2 |dm2=dm2 |Em2=Em2 |fm2=fm2 |Gm2=Gm2 |hm2=hm2 |mm2=mm2 |Mm2=Mm2 |nm2=nm2 |pm2=pm2 |Pm2=Pm2 |Tm2=Tm2 |ym2=ym2 |Ym2=Ym2 |zm2=zm2 |Zm2=Zm2

|gal=gal |Gal=Gal |muGal=µGal |µGal=µGal |mGal=mGal

Velocity and acceleration[संपादन करीं]

|m/s2=m/s2 |m.s-2=m⋅s−2 |m/s=m/s |m.s-1=m⋅s−1

Mass and energy[संपादन करीं]




|kWh=kWh |kW.h=kW⋅h |kW·h=kW⋅h



| g=g |ag=ag |cg=cg |dag=dag |dg=dg |Eg=Eg |fg=fg |Gg=Gg |hg=hg |kg=kg |mcg=μg |mcg=µg |Mg=Mg |mg=mg |mug=µg |µg=µg |ng=ng |Pg=Pg |pg=pg |Tg=Tg |yg=yg |Yg=Yg |zg=zg |Zg=Zg

Pressure and density[संपादन करीं]

|Pa=Pa |MPa=MPa |KPa=KPa |GPa=GPa


|g/cm3=g/cm3 |kg/m3=kg/m3 |kg/cm3=kg/cm3

|g/L=g/L |g/l=g/L |mcg/dL|mcg/dl=µg/dL |mg/mL=mg/mL |mg/ml=mg/mL |mug/dL=µg/dL |mug/dl=µg/dL |μg/dL=μg/dL |μg/dl=μg/dL

Temperature[संपादन करीं]

|°C=°C |degC=°C |°F=°F |degF=°F |°R=°R |degR=°R

| K=K |aK=aK |cK=cK |daK=daK |dK=dK |EK=EK |fK=fK |GK=GK |hK=hK |kK=kK |MK=MK |mK=mK |muK=µK |µK=µK |nK=nK |PK=PK |pK=pK |TK=TK |yK=yK |YK=YK |zK=zK |ZK=ZK

Electromagnetism[संपादन करीं]

|C=C |F=F |R=R


|N.A-2=N⋅A−2 |H.m-1=H·m−1

|V/m=V/m |V.m-1=V⋅m−1

|C=C |F=F |H=H |R=R

| A=A |aA=aA |cA=cA |dA=dA |daA=daA |EA=EA |fA=fA |GA=GA |hA=hA |kA=kA |mA=mA |MA=MA |muA=µA |µA=µA |nA=nA |pA=pA |PA=PA |TA=TA |yA=yA |YA=YA |zA=zA |ZA=ZA

| V=V |cV=cV |daV=daV |dV=dV |EV=EV |fV=fV |GV=GV |hV=hV |kV=kV |muV=µV |µV=µV |mV=mV |MV=MV |nV=nV |pV=pV |PV=PV |TV=TV |VV=VV |yV=yV |YV=YV |zV=zV |ZV=ZV

| G=G |aG=aG |cG=cG |daG=daG |dG=dG |EG=EG |fG=fG |GG=GG |hG=hG |kG=kG |MG=MG |mG=mG |muG=µG |µG=µG |nG=nG |PG=PG |pG=pG |TG=TG |yG=yG |YG=YG |zG=zG |ZG=ZG

| T=T |aT=aT |cT=cT |daT=daT |dT=dT |ET=ET |fT=fT |GT=GT |hT=hT |kT=kT |MT=MT |mT=mT |muT=µT |µT=µT |nT=nT |PT=PT |pT=pT |TT=TT |yT=yT |YT=YT |zT=zT |ZT=ZT

Astrophysics[संपादन करीं]

|au=au |c=c |ly=ly

|Earth mass=M |Earth radius=R |M_Earth=M |R_Earth=R |Jupiter mass=MJ |Jupiter radius=RJ |M_Jupiter=MJ |R_Jupiter=RJ |Solar mass=M |solar mass=M |M_Solar=M |M_solar=M |R_Solar=R |R_solar=R |Solar radius=R |solar radius=R |Solar luminosity=L |solar luminosity=L |L_solar=L |L_Solar=L

|pc2=pc2 |pc3=pc3 |kpc2=kpc2 |kpc3=kpc3 |kpc=kpc |Mpc2=Mpc2 |Mpc3=Mpc3 |Mpc=Mpc |Gpc2=Gpc2 |Gpc3=Gpc3 |Gpc=Gpc

Nuclear Physics and Chemistry[संपादन करीं]



|osmol=osmol |Osm= Osm

|kg/mol= kg/mol |kg.mol-1=kg⋅mol−1 |g/mol = g/mol |g.mol-1 =g⋅mol−1

| eV/c2=eV/c2 |keV/c2=keV/c2 |MeV/c2=MeV/c2 |GeV/c2=GeV/c2 |TeV/c2=TeV/c2


| eV=eV |mev=meV |keV=keV |MeV=MeV |GeV=GeV |TeV=TeV

|J/mol= J/mol |J.mol-1= J⋅mol−1 |kJ.mol-1=kJ⋅mol−1 |kJ/mol= kJ/mol |MJ.mol-1=MJ⋅mol−1 |MJ/mol= MJ/mol |GJ/mol= GJ/mol |GJ.mol-1=GJ⋅mol−1 |TJ.mol-1=TJ⋅mol−1 |TJ/mol= TJ/mol

Numbers and phrases[संपादन करीं]

|pp = pp |ppb=ppb |ppm=ppm

|billiard=billiard |billion= billion |billionth=billionth |billionths=billionths

|decilliard=decilliard |decillion=decillion |decillionth=decillionth |decillionths=decillionths


|nonilliard=nonilliard |nonillion=nonillion |nonillionth=nonillionth |nonillionths=nonillionths

|octilliard=octilliard |octillion=octillion |octillionth=octillionth |octillionths=octillionths

|quadrilliard=quadrilliard |quadrillion=quadrillion |quadrillionth=quadrillionth |quadrillionths=quadrillionths

|quintilliard=quintilliard |quintillion=quintillion |quintillionth=quintillionth |quintillionths=quintillionths

|septilliard=septilliard |septillion=septillion |septillionth=septillionth |septillionths=septillionths

|sextilliard=sextilliard |sextillion=sextillion |sextillionth=sextillionth |sextillionths=sextillionths

|trilliard=trilliard |trillion=trillion |trillionth=trillionth |trillionths=trillionths

इहो देखल जाय[संपादन करीं]

Notes[संपादन करीं]

A reference for naming:

Standard prefixes for the SI units of measure
Multiples Prefix name deca hecto kilo mega giga tera peta exa zetta yotta
Prefix symbol da h k M G T P E Z Y
Factor 100 101 102 103 106 109 1012 1015 1018 1021 1024
Fractions Prefix name deci centi milli micro nano pico femto atto zepto yocto
Prefix symbol d c m μ n p f a z y
Factor 100 10−1 10−2 10−3 10−6 10−9 10−12 10−15 10−18 10−21 10−24

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