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<span class="Unicode nowrap">&#8202;</span>

{{Hsp}} produces the Unicode character U+200A HAIR SPACE (HTML &#8202;), a space character that is slightly thinner than the “thin space” character (see below and Whitespace character). It is forced to be non-breaking, since this is the desired behavior in most uses of this template. If a parameter is supplied, it is sandwiched on both sides with hair space characters (only the first is non-breaking).

Comparisons[संपादन करीं]

Name / size Instance Example code and ... output
none Some text<ref>...</ref> Some text[1]
Hair Some text{{hsp}}<ref>...</ref> Some text[1]
Narrow no-break Some text{{nnbsp}}<ref>...</ref> Some text [1]
2 pixel Some text{{px2}}<ref>...</ref> Some text[1]
Thin Some text{{tsp}}<ref>...</ref> Some text[1]
Standarda   Some text&nbsp;<ref>...</ref> Some text [1]
En &ensp;
Figure 123<br/>1{{fsp}}3 123
Em &emsp;
 a Provided here by a non-breaking space (&nbsp;).

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