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This template produces an in-line link to the SIL page documenting the language corresponding to an ISO639-3 code. It is mostly used in tables and footnotes to reference the ISO code or name, or in geographical articles to attest to the existence of a language, where there are no claims, such as speaker populations, that are likely to become dated and change from one edition of Ethnologue to the next. To reference a specific edition of Ethnologue, {{Ethnologue18}} (or another edition number) should be used.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

The first parameter links to SIL through an ISO 639-3 code. For example,

{{ethnolink|aap}} = aap.

If a second parameter is used, it will display instead of the ISO code. For example,

{{ethnolink|aap|Arára}} = Arára.

Both formats link to the ISO code page for Arára at SIL.

If a WP article might be created soon, or it's a good idea to have the page show up under 'what links here', a red link can be left in by linking inside the template. For example,

{{ethnolink|aap|[[Arára language|Arára]]}}



इहो देखल जाय[संपादन करीं]

  • {{Ethnologue18}} (or any other edition from the 13th on), which is more convenient for the reference section, and should be used for citations of speaker populations or other data that is likely to become dated or need updating.
  • [[ISO639-3:(code)]], which is used for links to the external ISO code page