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This is the {{current disaster}} article message box.

For pages that are considered current disasters see: main (article) namespace links

  • This template was created for those occasions that many editors (perhaps a hundred or more) edit an article on the same day, as an advisory to editors.
  • It is intended for use on articles for large natural disasters, such as severe weather, where official information should be consulted instead of Wikipedia exclusively. This template reminds readers that Wikipedia information may not be up-to-date and to consult secondary and primary sources instead.
  • It should be used on any article that is considered a current disaster. That is to say, one that is still taking place.

The template takes seven optional parameters:

  • event – Overrides the type of event, such as for instance "event=hurricane".
  • severity – Adds an adjective in front of the initial disaster name, for something like a "major earthquake", like this: "severity=major".
  • areas – Specifies a warning for situations where information in the article may not be applicable for all areas (such as during weather events), please add this with "for all areas" as the option.
  • name – Overrides in a name for the event, most common on storms. It is placed in front of the current event wikilink.
  • time – Overrides the "current" word for another word, like "time=recent".
  • type - Overrides the word "article" with another word, such as "type=section".
  • link – Feeding anything to this parameter removes the link to Portal:Current events, for instance "link=no".

For instance, for a tropical cyclone named Hurricane Joaquin you could use this code:

{{Current disaster|name=Hurricane Joaquin|event=tropical cyclone}}

Which renders like this:

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