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टेम्पलेट:Country topics

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Usage[संपादन करीं]

Use this template to create a "Name topics" template for the country / territory / region called Name.

To see how, it's probably easiest to look at one or more of the templates in one of the subcategories of Category:Country and territory topics templates – for instance, {{Antigua and Barbuda topics}} in Category:Caribbean country and territory topics templates.

सिंटेक्स[संपादन करीं]

Below is a basic syntax. If the area involved isn't a country, the template's name and first parameter should be renamed accordingly, i.e. to  {{Territory topics  followed by |territory = Name;  otherwise,  {{Region topics  followed by |region = Name .

{{Country topics
|country = <!--Country's name (the title of the Wikipedia article on that country)-->
|adjective = <!--demonym-->

|history = <!--Usually chronological:-->
* [[(first history link)]]
* [[(second history link)]]
* [[(third history link)]]

|geography = <!--Usually alphabetical:-->
* [[(first geography link)]]
* [[(second geography link)]]
* [[(third geography link)]]

|politics = <!--Usually alphabetical:-->
* [[(first politics link)]]
* [[(second politics link)]]
* [[(third politics link)]]

|economy = <!--Usually alphabetical:-->
* [[(first economy link)]]
* [[(second economy link)]]
* [[(third economy link)]]

|culture = <!--Usually alphabetical:-->
* [[(first culture link)]]
* [[(second culture link)]]
* [[(third culture link)]]
With added fields
{{Country topics
|country =
|state =
|border =
|basestyle =
|titlename =
|titleclass =
|_notopicsword =
|prefix =
|image =
|imagestyle =

|above =
|abovestyle =
|custom1 =
|list1 =

|history =
|custom2 =
|list2 =

|geography =
|subdivisions =
|subdivisions_link =
|custom3 =
|list3 =

|politics =
|politics_link =
|governance =
|governance_link =
|government =
|government_link =
|military =
|military_link =
|custom4 =
|list4 =

|economy =
|infrastructure =
|transport =
|custom5 =
|list5 =

|society =
|society_link =
|adjective =
|culture =
|demographics =
|religion =
|symbols =
|symbols_link =
|custom6 =
|list6 =
|custom7 =
|list7 =
|custom8 =
|list8 =

|below =
|belowstyle =
|_nobelow =
|_commonslink =
|addtobelow =

It's possible to add, remove or amend various features of the template (e.g. suppress the appearance of a flag in the titlebar). What and how is described in the rest of the documentation.

Because this is a metatemplate for templates in categories such as Category:Country and territory topics templates, it provides the layout that appears to have evolved for the majority of these templates:

  • A titlebar featuring a flag icon followed by a country or area's name followed by the word "topics";
  • Five fundamental topic areas: History, Geography, Politics, Economy, Culture;
  • A line below the template's main body (the "below" line) that carries a link or links to a Wikibook, Wikipedia category, Commons category, index article, outline article, portal and/or WikiProject.

Although standardized, much of the above can be customized via the template's parameters.

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