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unit unit-
sample default
गीगापास्कल GPa (none) 1.0 गीगापास्कल (150,000 psi)
मेगापास्कल MPa (none) 1.0 मेगापास्कल (150 psi)
किलोपास्कल kPa (none) 1.0 किलोपास्कल (0.15 psi)
हेक्टोपास्कल hPa (none) 1.0 हेक्टोपास्कल (0.015 psi)
पास्कल Pa (none) 1.0 पास्कल (0.00015 psi)
मिलीपास्कल mPa (none) 1.0 मिलीपास्कल (1.5×10−7 psi)
मिलिबार mbar मिबार 1.0 मिबार (1.0 हेक्टोपास्कल)
mb मिबा
डेसीबार dbar डेबार 1.0 डेबार (10 किलोपास्कल)
बार bar (none) 1.0 बार (100 किलोपास्कल)
kilobarye kBa kBa 1.0 kBa (1.0 हेक्टोपास्कल)
barye Ba Ba 1.0 Ba (0.10 पास्कल)
स्टैंडर्ड एटमॉस्फीयर atm atm 1.0 atm (100 किलोपास्कल)
टोर Torr (none) 1.0 टोर (0.13 किलोपास्कल)
मिलिमीटर पारा mmHg mmHg 1.0 mmHg (0.13 किलोपास्कल)
इंच पारा inHg inHg 1.0 inHg (3.4 किलोपास्कल)
पाउंड प्रति वर्ग इंच psi psi 1.0 psi (6.9 किलोपास्कल)
unit unit-
notes combinations
kilometres per litre km/l (km/L) Use km/L to get "km/L"
  • km/l mpgimp
  • km/l mpgus
litres per 100 kilometres l/100 km (L/100 km) Use L/100 km to get "L/100 km"
  • l/100 km mpgimp
  • l/100 km mpgus
litres per kilometre l/km (L/km) Use L/km to get "L/km"
  • l/km impgal/mi
  • l/km usgal/mi
miles per imperial gallon mpgimp
  • mpgimp mpgus
miles per US gallon mpgus (mpgUS, mpgU.S.) Use mpgUS to get "US"

Use mpgU.S. to get "U.S."
mpgus will give "U.S." if spelling is
set to US & "US" otherwise

  • mpgus mpgimp
imperial gallons per mile impgal/mi
  • impgal/mi
US gallons per mile usgal/mi (USgal/mi, U.S.gal/mi) As above with the us vs US vs U.S.
  • usgal/mi
The mpgUS, mpgU.S., USgal/mi vs U.S.gal/mi, km/L, L/100 km and L/km variants work within combinations also (making 36 combinations in total).
Watts, kilowatts, milliwatts, etc. are supported. As is horsepower (English & metric). Use standard abbreviations as input code (lowercase hp for horsepower, for example)
unit unit-
notes combinations
inhabitants per square kilometre PD/sqkm PD stands for population density, i.e. humans (inhabitants)
  • PD/sqkm PD/sqmi
per square kilometre /sqkm Used when the word 'inhabitants' would be inappropriate.
  • /sqkm /sqmi
inhabitants per hectare PD/ha
  • PD/ha PD/acre
per hectare /ha
  • /ha /acre
inhabitants per square mile PD/sqmi PD stands for population density, i.e. humans (inhabitants)
  • PD/sqmi PD/sqkm
per square mile /sqmi Used when the word 'inhabitants' would be inappropriate.
  • /sqmi /sqkm
inhabitants per acre PD/acre
  • PD/acre PD/ha
per acre /acre
  • /acre /ha
unit unit-
notes combinations
dollars per pound $/lb "$" can mean US$, HK$, etc.
  • (none)
dollars per kilogram $/kg
  • (none)
dollars per troy ounce $/ozt 12 troy ounces in 1 troy pound
  • (none)