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{{color box|color|text|text color}}

  • Colors are most commonly specified as either a color keyword or as the hexadecimal triplet representing an RGB combination. See web colors for details.
  • If specified, the text is centered within the box.
  • If no color is specified for the text, it is displayed using the default style foreground color as prescribed by CSS. For most users this is black.
  • The optional parameter |border= will change the color of the outline box. The default is black.
Visual effect Markup
  {{color box|Green}}
 Default color for this text  {{color box|Yellow|Default color for this text}}
 White text in a blue box  {{color box|Blue|White text in a blue box|White}}
 Using X11 color names  {{color box|SteelBlue|'''Using X11 color names'''|Cornsilk}}
 Using RGB hex triplets  {{color box|#012345|''Using RGB hex triplet''|#FEDCBA}}
 Red  {{color box|Yellow|Red|#f00|border=#f00}}

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