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विकिपीडिया से

This template creates an inline image that is used in meta pages such as Wikipedia:Vital articles and/or in user pages.

  • Featured article Featured Article: {{Class/icon|FA}}
  • Featured list Featured List: {{Class/icon|FL}}
  • Featured media Featured Media: {{Class/icon|FM}}
  • A-Class article A-Class Article: {{Class/icon|A}}
  • A-Class list A-Class List: {{Class/icon|AL}}
  • Good Article: {{Class/icon|GA}}
  • Bplus-Class article Bplus-Class Article: {{Class/icon|Bplus}}
  • B-Class article B-Class Article: {{Class/icon|B}}
  • B-Class list B-Class List: {{Class/icon|BL}}
  • C-Class article C-Class Article: {{Class/icon|C}}
  • C-Class list C-Class List: {{Class/icon|CL}}
  • Start-Class article Start-Class Article: {{Class/icon|Start}}
  • Stub-Class article Stub-Class Article: {{Class/icon|Stub}}
  • List-Class Article: {{Class/icon|List}}
  • Start-Class list SL-Class Article: {{Class/icon|SL}}
  • Non-Article Page: {{Class/icon|NA}}
  • Unknown-Class article Unknown-Class Article: {{Class/icon|No}}
  • Wikipedia Book Book Page: {{Class/icon|Book}}
  • Draft Page: {{Class/icon|Draft}}
  • Category page Category Page: {{Class/icon|Category}}
  • Disambiguation page Disambiguation Page: {{Class/icon|Disambig}}
  • Media File Page: {{Class/icon|Image}}
  • Portal Page: {{Class/icon|Portal}}
  • Project Page: {{Class/icon|Project}}
  • Redirect page Redirect Page: {{Class/icon|Redirect}}
  • Template Page: {{Class/icon|Template}}
  • Unknown: {{Class/icon|}}

Template data[संपादन करीं]

Template parameters[Edit template data]


One of FA, FL, FM, AL, A, GA, B, BL, C, CL, Start, Stub, List, SL, Bplus, B+, No, Cat, Categ, Category, Dab, Disamb, Disambig, Redirect, Red, Redir, Temp, Templ, Template, NA, Image, File, Portal, Project, Current, Future, Merge, Needed, Unassessed, Draft or Book


इहो देखल जाय[संपादन करीं]

Standard class types
Featured article FA  Featured list FL  Featured media FM  A-Class article A 
{{class|FA}} {{class|FL}} {{class|FM}} {{class|A}}
 GA  B-Class article B  C-Class article C  Start-Class article Start 
{{class|GA}} {{class|B}} {{class|C}} {{class|Start}}
Stub-Class article Stub   List   NA   ??? 
{{class|Stub}} {{class|List}} {{class|NA}} {{class|Unassessed}}
Non-standard class types
Bplus-Class article Bplus   Current   Future   SIA 
{{class|Bplus}} {{class|Current}} {{class|Future}} {{class|SIA}}
A-Class list AL  B-Class list BL  C-Class list CL  Start-Class list SL 
{{class|AL}} {{class|BL}} {{class|CL}} {{class|SL}}
Wikipedia Book Book  Category page Category  Disambiguation page Disambig   Draft 
{{class|Book}} {{class|Category}} {{class|Disambig}} {{class|Draft}}
 File   Merge   Needed   Portal 
{{class|File}} {{class|Merge}} {{class|Needed}} {{class|Portal}}
 Project  Redirect page Redirect   Template   User 
{{class|Project}} {{class|Redirect}} {{class|Template}} {{class|User}}
Importance types
 Top   High   Mid   Low 
{{importance|Top}} {{importance|High}} {{importance|Mid}} {{importance|Low}}
 Bottom   नामौजूद   ??? 
{{importance|Bottom}} {{importance|NA}} {{importance|Unknown}}
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