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टेम्पलेट:Cite NIE

विकिपीडिया से

Gilman, D. C.; Peck, H. T.; Colby, F. M., eds. (1905). नवकी इंटरनेशनल एन्साइक्लोपीडिया (1st ed.). New York: Dodd, Mead. {{cite encyclopedia}}: Missing or empty |title= (help)

Purpose[संपादन करीं]

This template enables the citation of articles from The New International Encyclopedia in the manner of {{cite encyclopedia}}. It provides for links to the Wikisource project The New International Encyclopædia.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

{{Cite NIE|title=NIE article name}}

One of |title= or |wstitle= is required. Articles using this template without either parameter are placed in श्रे:Cite NIE template missing title parameter.

Parameters to alter the prescript and icon
  • noicon=1: turns off the icon
  • noprescript=1: turns off the prescript
  • inline=1: replaces "This article" with "One or more of the preceding sentences" (if set then place the template into an inline citation)
Pre-set parameters
  • edition=option if not set defaults to 1st
  • encyclopedia=option if not set defaults to New International Encyclopedia
  • location=option if not set defaults to New York
  • publisher=option if not set defaults to Dodd, Mead
  • ref=option if not set defaults to harv
  • year=option if not set defaults to 1905

Some preset parameters are altered by the parameter edition which this can be set to 1st (or First or 1) or to 2nd (or Second or 2) or to Supplement

If edition is allowed to default to 1st, or is set to "1st" (etc.) the editor parameters default to:

  • editor-first=|D. C., editor-last=Gilman, editor-link=Daniel Coit Gilman
  • editor2-first=H. T., editor2-last=Peck
  • editor3-first=F. M., editor3-last=Colby

If editor is set to 2nd (or Second or 2)

  • editor-first=F. M., editor-last=Colby, editor-link=not set
  • editor2-first=T., editor2-last=Williams
  • editor3-first=not set, editor3-last=not set

If editor is set to Supplement

  • editor-first|Herbert Tredwell, editor-last=Wade, editor-link=not set
  • editor2-first=not set, editor2-last=not set
  • editor3-first=not set, editor3-last=not set

All above parameters above can be over ridden by passing in different values for the parameters.

Other parameters that can be set but are not set by default
  • author=author's full name


  • first=author's first name(s)
  • last=author's last name


  • authorlink=author's Wikipedia article name (will only display if author= or last= is set)
  • title=NIE article name
  • wstitle=NIE article name: same as functionality as title= but it links to a copy of an NIE article on Wikisource
  • display=Alternative name: the alternative name will be displayed instead of the NIE article name (it will only display if wstitle= is set)
  • url=URL: this parameter will only be set if the title= parameter is set
  • volume=volume number
  • page=page number
  • pages=page number

If short=flag is set then neither some of the default display parameters are not shown:

{{Cite NIE|wstitle=Kapp, Friedrich}}
Gilman, D. C.; Peck, H. T.; Colby, F. M., eds. (1905). "Kapp, Friedrich" . नवकी इंटरनेशनल एन्साइक्लोपीडिया (1st ed.). New York: Dodd, Mead.
{{Cite NIE|wstitle=Kapp, Friedrich|short=1}}
"Kapp, Friedrich" . नवकी इंटरनेशनल एन्साइक्लोपीडिया. 1905.

Using vb[संपादन करीं]

If text is incorporated verbatim into an article, the vb parameter can be used to tack on a notice appropriate to the policy in Wikipedia:Plagiarism.

  • {{Cite NIE|wstitle=Schlatter, Francis|vb=x}}

displays as:

adding inline for use inside an inline citation

  • {{Cite NIE|wstitle=Schlatter, Francis|vb=x|inline=x}}

displays as:

Hidden categories[संपादन करीं]

This template automatically adds the hidden categories

  1. Category:Wikipedia articles incorporating text via vb from the New International Encyclopedia
  2. Category:Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the New International Encyclopedia

The first is set if the parameter vb=x is set, otherwise the second category is set.

See also[संपादन करीं]