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This template must be substituted. Replace {{Cfd-notify with {{subst:Cfd-notify.

==श्रेणी:{{{1}}}== [[:श्रेणी:{{{1}}}]], which you created, has been nominated for possible deletion, merging, or renaming. If you would like to participate in the discussion, you are invited to add your comments at [[Wikipedia:Categories for discussion/Log/2024 जुलाई 12#श्रेणी:{{{1}}}|the category's entry]] on the Categories for discussion page. Thank you.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

This template is intended to be placed on user or WikiProject talk pages to notify the creator of a category or the members of a WikiProject, respectively, that the category has been nominated for discussion at Categories for discussion.

Use of this template is not mandatory, and it should not be used in all cases. In particular, WikiProjects generally do not need to be notified of routine, uncomplicated, or uncontroversial discussions for one or a few categories. Also, please check to see whether the category was created as a result of a "rename" result at a previous CFD. If so, there may be no need to notify the editor listed as the creator, as that usually is merely the admin who implemented that earlier CFD decision.

Please note: This template must be substituted (always using the prefix "subst:").

Syntax[संपादन करीं]

To notify the creator of a category that the category has been listed at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion, add {{subst:cfd-notify|NAME|days=DAYS}} to their user talk page, replacing

  • NAME with the category name, minus the "Category:" prefix, and
  • DAYS (optional, defaults to today) is the number of days before the current date in which the page was listed on the log. For example, if the page was listed yesterday on the log, then |days=1 would be used. If the page was listed on the log three days before today, then |days=3 would be used. Leave blank if on today's log.

A section heading will be created automatically on the user talk page.

Remember to sign and date your post by adding ~~~~ following the template code.

If the name of the section heading under which the CFD discussion appears is not the same as the full name of the category (with the Category: prefix), then provide the name of the section heading as a third parameter.

  • {{subst:cfd-notify|CATEGORY NAME}}
  • {{subst:cfd-notify|CATEGORY NAME|YEAR MONTH DAY}}

Optional parameters[संपादन करीं]

The template supports two optional parameters:

To notify the members of a WikiProject, rather than a category's creator; this parameter replaces the text "which you created" with "which is within the scope of this WikiProject".
Any text specified in place of value, such as "deletion", "merging" or "renaming", replaces "discussion" with the user-specified text; this parameter can, in the cases of nominations to merge or rename, be used to identify the title of the proposed target category—e.g. action=merging to [[:Category:Contents]] replaces "nominated for discussion" with "nominated for merging to Category:Contents".

Full syntax[संपादन करीं]

{{subst:cfd-notify|CATEGORY NAME|YEAR MONTH DAY|CFD SECTION NAME|wikiproject=yes|action=value}}

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