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This template should be used when the article contains a large number of buzzwords. While the policy WP:Jargon may apply, there is a distinction between the two words:

Buzzwords differ from jargon in that they have the function of impressing or of obscuring meaning, while jargon (ideally) has a well-defined technical meaning, if only to specialists. However, the hype surrounding new technologies often turns technical terms into buzzwords.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

Place {{Buzzword|date=सितंबर 2023}} at the top of an article.

  • For sections use the section parameter: {{Buzzword|section|date=सितंबर 2023}}
  • To optionally specify the issue at hand, use either {{Buzzword|section|reason=yourreason}} or {{Buzzword|reason=yourreason}}
  • Add a new item to the talk page explaining the problem so editors will know what to address, and when to remove this tag. To optionally link directly to the talkpage section, use the talk parameter, e.g.:

{{Buzzword|section|reason=yourreason|talk=Too many buzzwords in article...}} or {{Buzzword|reason=yourreason|talk=We need to rewrite all this jargon!}}.

Notes[संपादन करीं]

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