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This template can be used to generate protected versions of the Picture of the day in the standard format needed for the Main page.

The easiest way to create the protected version of the POTD is to click the "create protected version" link on this month's archive page. This will create a new page preloaded with a template call to the non-protected version. Then replace the first line with {{subst:POTD row (note no closing braces) and save it. Please note that the non-protected version needs to be created before the protected version.

An alternate method is to cut and paste the code of the non-protected version and replace the first line with {{subst:POTD row (also note no closing braces) before saving it.

This template should always be substituted. As stated on Wikipedia:Picture of the day/Guidelines#Protected version, there are two versions: a protected version that appears on the Main Page, and a non-protected version for non-admins to make updates to the POTD caption. If this template is NOT substituted, various meta-templates used to generate POTDs will automatically be cascade-protected, and non-admins would not be able to create/edit recent and upcoming non-protected versions.

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