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  2021 (सोमार)
  2020 (अतवार)

Description[संपादन करीं]

This template is used to display a box on all of the date articles (January 1 ... December 31) listing the date in recent years. It also shows what day of the week the date was in previous years.

Usage[संपादन करीं]

No parameter
This template can be used on without any parameter.
  • On date articles the template defaults to the page name.
  • On other articles the template defaults to the current date.
Specifying a date
A specific date can be input as an unnamed parameter in either day-month or month-day format.
{{ThisDateInRecentYears|January 1}}
{{ThisDateInRecentYears|1 January}}
Float left
The default of the template is to float right. The template can be placed on the left using the float parameter.
{{ThisDateInRecentYears|January 1|float=left}}
{{ThisDateInRecentYears|1 January|float=left}}

Technical details[संपादन करीं]

This template uses a series of subtemplates. These are listed below.

next step
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/validate (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग)
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/title (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग)
29 February split
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/table (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग) (for ordinary dates)
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/prevleap (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग) (for 29 February)
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/1stleap (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग) (for 29 February),
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/2ndleap (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग) (for 29 February)
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/3rdleap (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग) (for 29 February)
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/nextleap (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग) (for 29 February)
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/row (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग) (for all dates)
Template:ThisDateInRecentYears/entry (संपादन|talk|इतिहास|कड़ी|धियानसूची|लॉग)