इजराइल आ फिलिस्तीन के झगड़ा

विकिपीडिया से
इजराइल आ फिलिस्तीन के झगड़ा
Part of the Arab–Israeli conflict and the Iran–Israel proxy conflict

Central Israel and Area C (blue), the part of the West Bank under full Israeli control, 2011
(For a more up-to-date, interactive map, see here).
DateMid-20th century[3] – present
Main phase: 1964–1993
LocationMiddle East
Primarily in Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip and Lebanon
Status Israeli–Palestinian peace process
low-level fighting, mainly between Israel and Gaza
Establishment and dissolution of Palestinian administration (1948–1959) in Gaza
Jordanian annexation of the West Bank (1948–1967)
Occupation of West Bank and Gaza by Israel in 1967
Transition of "A" and "B" areas from Israeli Civil Administration to the Palestinian National Authority in 1994–1995
Israeli disengagement from Gaza in 2005

State of Palestine

Hamas (1987–present)
चित्र:Flag of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine.svg Islamic Jihad (1987–present)

इजराइलफिलिस्तीन के झगड़ा इजराइली आ फिलिस्तीनी लोग के एगो झगड़ा हऽ जे 20वां शताब्दी के बीच के चालू भइल।[3] एह झगड़ा के शांत करे के बहुते प्रयास भइल बा।

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