हेमार्केट घटना

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हेमार्केट घटना
This 1886 engraving was the most widely reproduced image of the Haymarket affair. It inaccurately shows Fielden speaking, the bomb exploding, and the rioting beginning simultaneously.[1]
Date May 4, 1886
Location Chicago, Illinois
41°53′5.64″N 87°38′38.76″W / 41.8849000°N 87.6441000°W / 41.8849000; -87.6441000निर्देशांक: 41°53′5.64″N 87°38′38.76″W / 41.8849000°N 87.6441000°W / 41.8849000; -87.6441000
Goals Eight-hour work day
Methods Strikes, Protest, Demonstrations
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures
Carter Harrison, Sr.;
John Bonfield
Arrests, etc
Deaths: 4
Injuries: 70+
Arrests: 100+
Deaths: 7
Injuries: 60
हेमार्केट घटना is located in Central Chicago
हेमार्केट घटना
Haymarket square, Chicago, Illinois

हेमार्केट घटना (Haymarket affair}}) 4 मई 1886 के दिने शिकागो में, भइल। हेमार्केट चौराहा पर पुलिस द्वारा आंदोलन आ हड़ताल करे वाला मजदूर लोग पर गोलीबारी आ बमबारी जौना में कई लोग के जान गइल रहे।[2][3]


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