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Multiple subcategories like those in this one are for simultaneous testing. (An example of this use is stated below.) If there are not enough for a single simultaneous test, you may create more like them, numbering them consecutively.

Example: If you are creating a template that will automatically add multiple categories at one time to a page and you need to test your template before you introduce it to editors in general, you might want to program your template to add categories X1, X2, etc. to a page for the purpose of testing your template. Categories X1, X2, and so on are subcategories of this category (Xn). Then, when you are ready to introduce your template to editors in general, you can rename your test categories to gain their permanent names that are more meaningful to other editors.

When many categories are not needed for a single simultaneous test, you should reuse existing categories. For example, virtually all testing can reuse categories X1 and X2.


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