श्रेणी:Resolution templates

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ई श्रेणी काम पूरा होखे या न होखे के संदेस लगावे वाली टेम्पलेट सभ खातिर बाटे। This category is for templates that mark the status of a talk page discussion, vote or other process. There are three types of templates in this category:

  • Message-level templates like {{Done}} which precede the text of a note updating the status of a request, process or other action item; several of these may be used in the course of a single discussion until it is finally resolved.
  • Thread-level templates like {{Resolved}} which mark an entire discussion's resolution status.
  • Message box templates like {{Merge done}} that usually mark an entire discussion's resolution status in a very visible way; these are uncommon, if not deprecated.