श्रेणी:Pages with bad rounding precision

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This is a tracking category for pages sending invalid precision information to {{rnd}}, such as non-numeric data. In the past, such errors were silently suppressed by rnd with the resulting output having unpredictable precision. The current set of changes will cause rnd to interpret all malformed precision requests (i.e. precision = "house") as the same as precision = (1 - order of magnitude) which approximates the prior behavior. This tracking category is intended to help locate cases where such invalid precision values are being used so that they can be eliminated at the source. In most cases some other precision instruction was intended, but a bad string was passed due to a calculation or formatting error.

In addition to the tracking cat, on receiving erroneous data, the new version of rnd will attempt to insert a hidden comment into the HTML reading "Bad rounding here" that will immediately precede the rounded number. Due to numeric processing and other formatting that occurs around such numbers, this guide marker may sometimes be absent.

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