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Articles with a transclusion of {{Infobox school}} that call a deprecated parameter. See Template:Infobox school#Deprecated parameter tracking categories for a more detailed description.

This tracks pages which use:

  • approx or c_approx → simply add c. before any approximate dates
  • motto_pl or founder_pl or specialist_pl → for plural labels, use mottoes or founders or specialists);
  • BOTH feeders and main feeder schools → use feeders
  • BOTH pupils and number of pupils → use {{{pupils}}}
  • {{{Classes offered}}}{{{classes_offered}}}

Additionally all of the following capitalized params are deprecated in favor of their lowercase counterpart.

  • {{{Opened}}}, {{{Location}}}, {{{Region}}}, {{{Number}}}, {{{Principal}}}, {{{Years}}}, {{{Students}}}, {{{International_Students}}}, {{{System}}}, {{{Hours_in_Day}}}, {{{Campuses}}}, {{{National_ranking}}}, {{{Graduates}}}

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