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श्रेणी:विकिपीडिया गैर-मुक्त फाइल वैध बैकलिंक के साथ

विकिपीडिया से

These are non-free images that use the {{Non-free use rationale}} or {{Non-free media rationale}} templates, where the Article parameter contains the name of an existing Wikipedia page. The non-free policy requires that all non-free images name the article they are intended to be used in as part of the fair use rationale. The template links the article as well as naming it.

This is not intended to be part of the deletion process, but as a tool to help fix legacy images. In most cases these images have not been independently checked to verify that the name matches an actual article in which the image is used, that it refers to the right article in the case of multiple uses, or even that the page is an actual mainspace article (as opposed to a redirect or disambiguation).