श्रेणी:भाषा लेख जिनहन में एथनोलॉग 17 के हवाला दिहल बा

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An article is automatically added to this tracking category when the article includes {{e17}} or {{ethnologue17}} or when its {{infobox language}} includes |ref=e17.

Old references should generally be updated to a reference to a later Ethnologue or to another reference. But there are a couple reasons why an old ref may be desired: An undated population figure or extinction may have been copied over since E17 (but not E16), and the out-of-date citation will provide some indication of how dated the figure is, or a date for the last speakers may be given.

"भाषा लेख जिनहन में एथनोलॉग 17 के हवाला दिहल बा" श्रेणी में मौजूद पन्ना

ए श्रेणी में मौजूद कुल 3 में से 3 पन्नासभ नीचे देखावल जात बाड़ें।