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श्रेणी:बिचित्र किसिम के ((बिबरनलेख)) इस्तेमालबिधि वाला विकिपीडिया पन्ना

विकिपीडिया से

This is a Wikipedia maintenance category.

This category is automatically populated by the template {{documentation}}. It detects and reports some types of strange usage. This is so we can easily find those pages and fix them.

The most common fixes that need to be done are:

  • The {{documentation}} template itself is used on a /doc or /testcases subpage. Fix it by removing the {{documentation}} template from the subpage. But there are some cases where a template is used to create documentation, and then it is correct that it shows documentation on the /testcases page.
  • There exists a /sandbox or /testcases talkpage larger than 200 bytes, too large to just be a redirect. There are two common reasons for this:
    • Either it contains discussion. But such talkpages are rarely watched, so they should instead be redirected to the talkpage of the template itself. Move those discussions to the talkpage of the template instead, and redirect the /sandbox or /testcases talkpage to the talkpage of the template itself.
    • Or it contains actual sandbox or testcases examples, but /sandbox and /testcases subpages should normally be created in subject space, not talk space. Move the test code to subject space, and redirect those talkpages to the talkpage of the template itself.
  • Other problems: We are currently (February 2010) running some different types of detections for debug purposes. We want to see how the {{documentation}} template is used. For the moment don't try to fix other things you see listed here. Among other things the debug function might report things that are not really a problem, or the debug function itself might be buggy.

Subcategories that get listed here are not subcategories in the normal sense. Instead they happen to use the {{documentation}} box and thus need fixing too.

If some case is too tricky or a page is protected so you can't edit it, don't worry. More experienced editors and admins will work through the cases that get left in this category.

MediaWiki runs updates of category listings (as the one you see below) as a low priority job. Thus if the servers are very busy it can take some days before a page is removed from the list below even though the page has been fixed. But normally it is removed within an hour.

Sometimes you need to purge a page to see your fix and to get rid of this category from the bottom of a page.

For more about this see Template talk:Documentation.

"बिचित्र किसिम के ((बिबरनलेख)) इस्तेमालबिधि वाला विकिपीडिया पन्ना" श्रेणी में मौजूद पन्ना

ए श्रेणी में मौजूद कुल 2 में से 2 पन्नासभ नीचे देखावल जात बाड़ें।