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श्रेणी:उचित इस्तेमाल खातिर किताब कभर

विकिपीडिया से

By default, {{Non-free book cover}} adds images to this category. However, |category= should be used to assign the image to a more specific image category:

{{Non-free book cover |category=Stephen King book covers}}

Sorting defaults to {{PAGENAME}}, but |title= may be used if sorting by the filename is not preferred:

{{Non-free book cover |category=Fantasy book cover images |title=Game of Thrones, A }}

As with the other non-free image templates, sorting by words other than the title is possible as well by using:

{{Non-free book cover |category=Poetry book cover images |sort key }}

Images in this category are claimed to be fair use book cover images under United States copyright law. This category is not for public domain book covers, which should simply be tagged with the relevant public domain template. For information about exploring, searching and finding images on literature and books, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Books/Images.

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