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The Content Translation tool is aimed to improve multilingual contribution. Content Translation allows editors to create translations right next to the original article and automates the boring steps (no more hunting for links, categories, or initial translations).

Translating content present in one language version of Wikipedia to another Wikipedia is a process that involves different steps and tools. Creating a new Wikipedia page based on an existing one from a different language normally requires the use of automatic translation services, dictionaries, reformatting text, tweaking links and references, and a lot of tab switching. This is a process that can be streamlined a lot so that translators spend their time creating high-quality content that reads naturally in their language.

Screncast showing how to use Content Translation

Content translation is in a beta stage on some Wikipedias. This means you need to enable it first in order to try the tool:

  1. Log-in into Wikipedia (or create an account if you don't have one already)
  2.  Access the Beta settings of any supported Wikipedia and enable Content Translation Beta feature.
  3. Access your "contributions" page, and select "translation" from the "New contributions" list.

What if my language is not supported?[संपादन करीं]

Access Content Translation on our beta servers. You may need to:

Currently only a few language pairs have automatic translation support (we'll support more over time). While Machine Translation speeds the translation process a lot, the tool can be useful for other languages too. You can adjust the URL parameters to select a specific article and set of languages. In the example below, article Australia is translated from English (en) to Burmese (my) :


This provides a translation side-by-side interface for you but you still can't receive machine translation for languages, that wasn't opt