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फोर्ड जीपीए

विकिपीडिया से
Ford GPA 'Seep' (Sea Jeep)
Production12,778 (1942–1943)
Assembly United States
Body and chassis
ClassAmphibious military utility vehicle
Layoutfront-engine RWD / 4×4
PlatformFord GP
RelatedGAZ 46 (MAV)
Engine4-cyl. side valves,
134 cu.in (2,199 cc), 60 hp
Transmission3-speed + 2-speed transfer case;
low range engages FWD;
PTO propellor drive
Wheelbase84 inch / 213 cm
Length182 inch / 462 cm
Width64 inch / 163 cm
Height69 inch / 175 cm;
45 inch reducible
Curb weight1,110 kg;
(GWV 1,610 kg)

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