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Suitable for companies listed on Nasdaq Nordic (formerly known as OMX) Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Reykjavík. It is also usable for Nasdaq Baltic shares, although the {{OMX Baltic}} template that links to the Nasdaq Baltic website is to be preferred.

{{OMX|ID|Shortname}}: e.g. {{OMX|HEX24386|UPM1V}}

Should be used in the article lead, such as following the first mention of the company's name.

The link to the Nasdaq Nordic article will automatically be shown with the appropriate market name as link text (Nasdaq Stockholm, Nasdaq Copenhagen, etc), based on the prefix of the stock ID. For securities listed on Nasdaq First North, the text "First North" should be specified as the third parameter, in order to get a correct link text.

{{OMX|ID|Shortname|First North}}: e.g. {{OMX|SSE108031|GOGLo|First North}}

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