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Usage[संपादन करीं]

In {{Infobox element}}, internally. The value from |crystal structure= is fed into this template, and returned is either a wikilink or an image name.

|crystal structure=diamond cubic (as entered in an element infobox).
Then, in {Infobox element}:
{{Infobox element/crystal structure|{{{crystal structure|}}}}}face-centered diamond-cubic
{{Infobox element/crystal structure|{{{crystal structure|}}}|return=image}}
Diamond cubic crystal structure.svg
Then used in [[image:...]]

Parameter |crystal structure 2= is used alike.

Any nowrap or NBSP is within this template (not in {Infobox element}).

उदाहरण[संपादन करीं]

These are most of the recognized input options. Input is case-insensistive A=a, and hyphen and spaces can be used at will: face-centered=face centered).

input labeled wikilink img name image note
simple triclinic simple triclinic image:Triclinic.svg
triclinic triclinic image:Triclinic.svg
base centered monoclinic base-centered monoclinic image:Monoclinic-base-centered.svg
monoclinic base centered base-centered monoclinic image:Monoclinic-base-centered.svg
simple monoclinic simple monoclinic image:Monoclinic.svg
monoclinic monoclinic image:Monoclinic.svg
simple orthorhombic simple orthorhombic image:Orthorhombic.svg
orthorhombic orthorhombic image:Orthorhombic.svg
tetragonal tetragonal image:Tetragonal.svg
body centered tetragonal body-centered tetragonal image:Tetragonal-body-centered.svg
simple trigonal trigonal image:Rhombohedral.svg
trigonal trigonal image:Rhombohedral.svg
rhombohedral rhombohedral image:Rhombohedral.svg
simple hexagonal simple hexagonal image:Hexagonal.svg
hexagonal hexagonal image:Hexagonal.svg
hcp hexagonal close-packed (hcp) image:Hexagonal close packed.svg
hexagonal close packed hexagonal close-packed (hcp) image:Hexagonal close packed.svg
dhcp double hexagonal close-packed (dhcp) image:Hexagonal.svg
double hexagonal close packed double hexagonal close-packed (dhcp) image:Hexagonal.svg
simple cubic primitive cubic image:Lattic simple cubic.svg
primitive cubic primitive cubic image:Lattic simple cubic.svg
cubic cubic image:Cubic.svg
bcc body-centered cubic (bcc) image:Cubic-body-centered.svg
body centered cubic body-centered cubic (bcc) image:Cubic-body-centered.svg
cubic body centered body-centered cubic (bcc) image:Cubic-body-centered.svg
fcc face-centered cubic (fcc) image:Cubic-face-centered.svg
cubic face centered face-centered cubic (fcc) image:Cubic-face-centered.svg
face centered cubic face-centered cubic (fcc) image:Cubic-face-centered.svg
face centered cubic face-centered cubic (fcc) image:Cubic-face-centered.svg
diamond face-centered diamond-cubic image:Diamond cubic crystal structure.svg
diamond cubic face-centered diamond-cubic image:Diamond cubic crystal structure.svg

Unknown input[संपादन करीं]

Only use existing crystal structure names and inages. When it does not exist, do not add the parameter |crystal structure=. (use |crystal structure prefix= and |crystal structure comment= in the element's infobox).

Infoboxes with unrecognised input are listed in Category:Element infobox templates that need attention under Δ.

इहो देखल जाय[संपादन करीं]