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This template is for notifying editors who have created, improved or nominated articles for In the news that a related section update has occurred.

  • {{subst:ITN notice|article=|date=|action=}}

The template will automatically sign for you, when substituted.


  • article - the name of the article created, updated or nominated
  • date - the date that ITN was updated, if omitted this defaults to today's date
  • action - what the user did (in the past tense); if omitted this defaults to created or substantially updated


  • Article creator's talk page: {{subst:ITN notice|article=Article name|action=created}}
  • Article updater's talk page: {{subst:ITN notice|article=Article name|action=substantially updated}}
  • Nominators talk page: {{subst:ITN notice|article=Article name|action=recently nominated}}
  • Self-nominator's talk page: {{subst:ITN notice|article=Article name|action=recently nominated and substantially updated}}

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