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Usage[संपादन करीं]

  • {{doppelganger|Your real username}}
  • {{doppelganger|Your real username|for some reason}}
Default second parameter: "to prevent impersonation by vandals."
That is, after all, the default justification for creating a Doppelgänger.

This template is for these "Doppelganger" accounts, created by legitimate users to avoid being impersonated by vandals. Many users have been impersonated by imposters such as the "Doppelganger" vandal. The vandals use various tricks to create an account name which appears identical to the impersonated user's account name. Often, this takes the form of replacing capital "I's" with lowercase "L's" and vice versa.

In order to use this template, first create an account for the doppelganger, then insert the template text on your "Doppelganger" account's user page & talk page. It is suggested you place the template from your "real" account, rather than the "Doppelganger" account, so the "real" account will show up in the page history. This will help to prevent vandals from using the template to "validate" imposter accounts. Please do not use this template on the page of a blocked user believed to be an imposter. Use Template:Sockpuppet instead.

This template will correct itself based on the gender set in the preferences of your real user account (i.e. in the sentence "Please see their talk page for any relevant discussion", "their" will change to "his" or "her").

This template adds pages to Category:Wikipedia doppelganger accounts.

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