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This template indicates that an article incorporates information from the Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, a work now in the public domain.

If the Wikipedia article incorporates a copy of text from (or close paraphrasing of) an article in the Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, then use the template {{EB1911}} which prepends an attribution string to the citation (see the plagiarism guideline).

Error message[संपादन]

This template requires a title parameter: title= or wstitle= to associate the source of the text being used with a specific part of the massive encyclopaedia from which it is copied or paraphrased. More information on these and other parameters are set out below. In the absence of a title parameter being supplied, the template will display the error message article name needed and set a category flagging that no article name has been given.[nb 1]


The template can be placed in different locations and depending on the what it is required the parameters can be mixed and matched:

Parameters Example Note
{{Cite EB1911|wstitle=EB name}} Wikisource-logo.svg चिस्लोम, हॉग, संपा. (1911). "Alfred the Great" . एन्साइक्लोपीडिया ब्रिटैनिका (11वाँ संस्क.). कैंब्रिज युनिवर्सिटी प्रेस. Use wstitle=EB name if the article exists on Wikisource if not use title=EB name .
{{Cite EB1911|title=|url=|first=|last=|volume=|pages=}} PD-icon.svg Plummer, Charles (1911). "Alfred the Great". मूल काम चिस्लोम, हॉग (संपा.). एन्साइक्लोपीडिया ब्रिटैनिका. 1 (11वाँ संस्क.). कैंब्रिज युनिवर्सिटी प्रेस. पप. 582–584. Some additional information: title instead of wstitle, url to the external page instead of link to Wikisource; the first and last names of the author of the article, the volume and page [number]s.

Detailed notes[संपादन]

This template is wrapper around {{cite encyclopedia}}. In its default mode it attributes text to an article from Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica.

This template automatically sets some of the parameters passed into {{cite encyclopedia}} for example "publisher = Cambridge University Press". Over and above the standard parameter passed into {{cite encyclopedia}} there are some additional parameters and those are listed hereafter in a separate table from the table of parameters passed into {{cite encyclopedia}}.

Minimum is: {{Cite EB1911 |article=EB article name}} or {{Cite EB1911 |wstitle=EB article name}}

Full set is: {{Cite EB1911 |wstitle= |display= |article= |noicon= |short= |footnote= |author= |last= |first= |authorlink= |title= |url= |accessdate= |volume= |page= |pages= |ref= |mode=}}

Additional parameters
Parameter Note
article=EB name If set is assigned to title. If title is set article is ignored.
author=author name Assigned to last ignored if last is set.
wstitle=name of the article on Wikisource If set, set link to EB article on Wikisource, and unsets title and url if they are also set.
noicon=1 Suppresses the lead icon (useful with {{Wikisource-inline}}).
short=1 Suppresses publisher and editor display.
display=label for Wikisource link If set, this text is used as a label when linking to EB article on Wikisource
Parameters passed into {{cite encyclopedia}}
Parameter Set to Notes
last= author= or last= If author= and last= are set the value of last= is used. author2, (or last2) etc, are provided if there is more than one author
first= first= Set to the value of first= or not set
authorlink= authorlink= Set to the value of authorlink= or not set (author2link etc is available if needed)
editor-first= Hugh Automatically set within the template unless short is set
editor-last= Chisholm Automatically set within the template unless short is set
encyclopedia= Encyclopædia Britannica Automatically set within the template
title= wstitle= or title= or article= Set to wstitle= if set, if not to title= if set, if not to article= if set, if not set then left blank.
url= url= Set to the value of url= unless wstitle= is set in which case it is not set.
accessdate= accessdate= Set to the value of accessdate= or not set
language= Not set
edition= 11th Set by default within the template, can be overridden
date= Not set (see year)
year= 1911 Set by default within the template, can be overridden
month= Not set
publisher= Cambridge University Press Automatically set within the template unless short is set
volume= volume= Set to the value of volume= or not set
location= Not set
id= Not set
isbn= Not set
oclc= Not set
doi= Not set
page= page= Set to the value of page= or not set
pages= pages= Set to the value of pages= or not set
quote= Not set
ref= ref = Set to the value of ref= or not set
mode= mode= Set to the value of mode= or set to default.[nb 2]

Hidden categories[संपादन]

Depending on the parameters passed into this template, it adds the following hidden categories to the articles in which it is used:

For an overview group category of the above see: Category:Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica.

इहो देखल जाय[संपादन]


  1. It is not much use to the reader to inform them that a Wikipedia article contains some text copied from somewhere in the 29-volumes of the Eleventh Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica!
  2. The parameter is provided because {{cite encyclopedia}} (the wrapper for this template) sets mode="cs1" (citation style 1) while the other standard template {{citation}} sets mode="cs2" (citation style 2). So the parameter mode can be set to cs2 to allow this template to emulate the look of {{citation}} if that is considered to be desirable.