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{{British-Museum-db|<ref text>|<database number>}}

This provides a simple link named "<ref text>" to the British Museum collection database record based on the a fully unique database number. In preference, <ref text> will normally be either the BM "registration number" or the BM "big number" which may vary in format for each BM department but is shown on the collection database record.

The database number may use the parameter "id=" if desired. If no database number is included then the text is prefixed by a link to the BM database help page.

Note that database numbers should be identical to the "&objectId=" parameter value in the URL of the British Museum collection database record for the item. You can check the listing by searching for any object at britishmuseum.org/research.

Warning: in the unlikely event that you are embedding this template as part of the text inside an internal or external link (such as in the caption of an embedded image), ensure that there is a character (e.g. space or full stop) between this template and any start or end square brackets ([ ]) or the syntax may confuse the wiki parser. If you need to embed the link in a complex way (such as in a footnote within an image caption) then substitute the template to make the syntax explicit and avoid later confusion.


  • Mold cape, includes a linked list of British Museum registration numbers.

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