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ऑरेंज नदी

विकिपीडिया से
Gariep, Oranje, Senqu
Sunset over the Orange River near Upington in the Northern Cape
देस Lesotho, South Africa, Namibia
 - दहिने से Caledon River, Vaal River, Fish River (Namibia)
लैंडमार्क Gariep Dam, Augrabies Falls
उदगम Thaba Putsoa [1]
 - लोकेशन Maloti Mountains (Drakensberg), Lesotho
 - ऊँचाई 3,350 मी (10,991 फीट)
मुहाना Alexander Bay
 - लोकेशन Atlantic Ocean
लंबाई 2,200 किमी (1,367 मील)
थाला 973,000 किमी2 (375,677 वर्ग मील)
 - औसत 365 m3/s (12,890 cu ft/s)
The course and watershed of the Orange River, Caledon River and Vaal River. This map shows a conservative border for the watershed. Specifically, the Kalahari basin is excluded, as some sources say it is endorheic.[2] Some other sources using computational methods show a basin which includes parts of Botswana (and hence of the Kalahari).[3]
ऑफिशियल नाँवOrange River Mouth (Namibia)
तिथी23 August 1995
रिफरेंस नं॰744[4]
ऑफिशियल नाँवOrange River Mouth (South Africa)
तिथी28 June 1991
रिफरेंस नं॰526[5]

ऑरेंज नदी (अंग्रेजी: Orange River) अफिरका महादीप के एक ठो प्रमुख नदी बाटे।

संदर्भ[संपादन करीं]

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