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These are the templates used for indicating the language used by a reference, link or item in a bibliography. Use them in articles as {{xx icon}}, replacing xx with the appropriate language code, which can be found in the "Alpha-2" column of the List of ISO 639-2 codes.

Notes[संपादन करीं]

  • Language codes do not always coincide with country codes (see the list of ISO 3166-1 codes).
  • Pages that use these templates' codes may appear here improperly. It means they use a template where the Category tag has not been masked with a <noinclude> tag. Category tags must appear as <noinclude>[[Category:Language icon templates|xx]]</noinclude>.
  • All templates should be children of {{Link language}}, so that style variations can be implemented in one place only, and consistency is much easier to maintain.
  • For the correct placement and other details, please follow the manual of style guidelines for links to foreign-language sites.
  • In practice the incorrect and undocumented usage {{xx}} will sometimes generate the same display as {{xx icon}}, so long as {{xx}} is not otherwise defined; this usage is found in Wikipedia, but will retroactively become incorrect if a new {{xx}} template is created. For example, जनवरी 2013 तक ले both {{es icon}} (स्पेनिश में) and {{es}} (स्पेनिश में) generate the same output (until a distinct {{es}} icon is defined); but {{cn icon}} generates (Chinese) while {{cn}} generates "[प्रमाण देईं]".