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सफाई, सुधार
(लाल कड़ी वाला टेम्पलेट हटावल गइल)
(सफाई, सुधार)
|StateAnthem = [[Old Folks at Home]] (State Song), [[Florida (Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky)]] (State Anthem)
|Demonym = Floridian, Floridan
|OfficialLang = [[American English|English]]<ref name="Article 2, Section 9, Constitution of the State of Florida"/>
|Languages = Predominantly [[American English|English]] and [[Spanish language in the United States|Spanish]]<ref>{{cite web
| url = http://www.mla.org/map_data_results&SRVY_YEAR=2010&geo=state&state_id=12&county_id=&mode=geographic&lang_id=&zip=&place_id=&cty_id=&region_id=&division_id=&ll=&ea=n&order=&a=n&pc=1

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