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छो (→‎Key: clean up using AWB)
! colspan="4"| [[Vowel]]s
! IPA !! Full vowels !! IPA !! ... followed by R<ref> In [[Rhotic and non-rhotic accents|non-rhotic accents]] like RP, {{IPA|/r/}} is not pronounced unless followed by a vowel. In some Wikipedia articles, {{IPA|/ɪər/}} ''etc.'' may not be distinguished from {{IPA|/ɪr/}} ''etc.'' These should be fixed to correspond with the chart here.</ref>
| {{big|{{IPA|ɑː}}}}
| style="text-align: left" |bedr'''oo'''m, r'''oo'''f, sit'''u'''ation <small style="white-space: nowrap">(either {{IPA|ʊ}} or {{IPA|uː}})</small>
! colspan="4" | [[Vowel reduction in English| reduced vowels]]
| {{big|{{IPA|ə}}}}

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