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→‎Key: clean up, replaced: March → मार्च (3) using AWB
छो (→‎Key: clean up, replaced: March → मार्च (3) using AWB)
| {{big|{{IPA|ɛ}}}}
| style="text-align: left" | {{sc|dr'''e'''ss}}, b'''e'''t, f'''e'''ll, m'''e'''n{{refn|name="E"| {{IPA|/ɛ/}} is transcribed as {{IPA|/e/}} by many dictionaries.<ref group=ref>{{cite web|last1=Wells|first1=John|title=e and ɛ|url=http://phonetic-blog.blogspot.com.au/2009/03/e-and.html|website=John Wells’s phonetic blog|publisher=Blogspot|accessdate=13 Marchमार्च 2015|date=18 Marchमार्च 2009}}</ref>}}
| {{big|{{IPA|ɛr}}}}
| style="text-align: left" |'''err'''or, m'''err'''y<ref name="E" />
| rowspan="2" style="text-align: left" | {{sc|f'''a'''ce}}, m'''a'''de, f'''ai'''l, v'''ei'''n, p'''ay'''
| {{big|{{IPA|ɛər}}}}
| style="text-align: left" | {{sc|squ'''are'''}}, m'''are''', sc'''ar'''ce, c'''air'''n, M'''ar'''y <small style="white-space: nowrap">(= {{IPA|/eɪr/}})</small>{{refn|{{IPA|/ɛər/}} is pronounced the same as {{IPA|/ɛr/}} in accents with the [[Mary–marry–merry merger]]. It is often transcribed as {{IPA|/eə/}} by British dictionaries and as {{IPA|/er/}} by American ones. The OED uses {{IPA|/ɛː/}} for BrE and {{IPA|/ɛ(ə)r/}} for AmE.<ref name=oed-key group=ref>{{cite web|title=Key to pronunciation|url=http://public.oed.com/how-to-use-the-oed/key-to-pronunciation/|website=Oxford English Dictionary|publisher=Oxford University Press|accessdate=13 Marchमार्च 2015}}</ref>}}
| {{big|{{IPA|eɪ.ər}}}}

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