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{| class="messagebox" style="width: auto; background: #FFF0D9;"
| type = content
| image = [[Image:Unbalanced scales.svg|none|40px50px]]
| <center>text = '''The [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutrality]] of this section is [[Wikipedia:NPOV dispute|disputed]].''' <br /><small> Please see the discussion on the [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}#{{{1|}}}|talk page]].{{#if:{{{date|}}}|<br />This section has been tagged since {{{date}}}.}}</small></center>
|}}<includeonly>{{#if:{{{date|}}}|[[Category:NPOV disputes from {{{date}}}]]|[[Category:NPOV disputes|{{PAGENAME}}]]}}</includeonly><noinclude>
Add {{tl|POV-section}} to the top of the disputed section. To specify the section of the discussion on the talk page, use {{tlx|POV-section|talk page section name}}.


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