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(Link to uw-coi)
==The template==
<!-- {{COI|date={{{date}}}}} startbegin-->
| type = content
<br />Please discuss further on the [[Talk:{{PAGENAME}}|talk page]].
{{#if:{{{date|}}}|<br />This article has been tagged since '''{{{date}}}'''.}}'''</span>
</div>}}<includeonly>{{{category|{{#if:{{{date|}}}|[[Category:Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest]]|[[Category:Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest]]}}}}}</includeonly><!--{{COI}} end--><noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude>
This template will categorise tagged articles into [[:Category:Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest]].
This [[Wikipedia:Template|template]] is a [[Wikipedia:Avoid self-references|self-reference]].
This template is not useful for [[Wikipedia:Subst|substitution]]. See [[Template:COI2]] if this conflict of interest template does not suit the needed situation. For a template intended to warn someone with a possible COI, see [[:Template:uw-coi]].
==See also==
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[[Category:Neutrality templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]


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