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छो (surely editors know what a story is)
==Usage notes==
This template is for use on articles. The decision to tag with this template should be supported by a discussion on the article's talk page citing examples of how the article inappropriately and/or excessively employs storylike elements, outside of properly quoted material. This template may also flag things that should always be avoided in the primary (non-quoted) text of a Wikipedia article: [[verbosity]], [[hyperbole]], [[irony]], [[cliché]], [[inner voice]], and [[grammatical person|first-]] and [[grammatical person|second-person]] address. Other undesirable elements, such as expressions of limited or personal opinion, may be more precisely addressed by other templates, such as [[Template:NPOV language]] or [[Template:Essay-opinion]].
This template will add an article to [[:Category:Wikipedia articles needing style editing]].
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