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typo, reduced padding between label and data
(labelstyle (linewrapping), less space-hungry code)
छो (typo, reduced padding between label and data)
| captionstyle = padding-top:0.45em;line-height:1.1em;
| caption = {{{caption|}}}
| labelstyle = padding:<!--(based on {{longitem}} linewrap management:)-->0.1em 10.0em5em<!--(to keep label and data apart)--> 0.1em 0;line-height:1.2em;
| label1 = Full name |data1=
| label2 = Other names |data2={{{other_names|}}} |class2=nickname
| label14 = Institutions |data14={{{institutions|}}}
| label15 = Notable&nbsp;ideas |data15={{{notable_ideas|}}}
| data16 = {{#if:{{{influences|}}} |{{Collapsible list |expand={{{expand|}}}|framestyle=border:none;padding:0;|liststyle=text-align:center;|title=Influenced by|1={{{influences}}}}} f}}
| data17 = {{#if:{{{influenced|}}} |{{Collapsible list |expand={{{expand|}}}|framestyle=border:none;padding:0;|liststyle=text-align:center; |title=Influenced |1={{{influenced}}} }}
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