पटना ऊँच न्यायालय

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पटना ऊँच न्यायालय
पटना उच्च न्यायालय
Logo of the High Court of Patna.png
Seal of the court
Established 9 February 1916
Location Patna, Bihar
Coordinates 25°36′32″N 85°7′32″E / 25.60889°N 85.12556°E / 25.60889; 85.12556निर्देशांक: 25°36′32″N 85°7′32″E / 25.60889°N 85.12556°E / 25.60889; 85.12556
Composition method Presidential assent on advice of the Chief Justice of India with consultation of Governor of Bihar
Authorized by Constitution of India
Appeals to Supreme Court of India
Judge term length mandatory retirement by age of 62
Number of positions 43
Website patnahighcourt.gov.in
Chief Justice
Currently Hon'ble Justice Sanjay Karol
Since 11 November 2019

पटना ऊँच न्यायालय भारत के बिहार के ऊँच न्यायालय हटे। एकर थापना 9 फरवरी 1916 के भईल रहे।

इतिहास[संपादन करीं]

A 2015 stamp dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Patna High Court
पटना ऊँच न्यायालय के पहिलका दुआर